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No big storm Tuesday, but some flakiness...

Jason Samenow @ 11:36 PM

I said it: "Of course, most 'virtual snowstorms' don't materialize." And then I call for 9" of snow between Tuesday and Thursday. Good one, Einstein.

I'll admit that forecast was a hedge... Guidance from several models had suggested 12"+ for DC for over a day, but I kind of knew in my heart of hearts that the chances of that materializing were slim-->even if I was getting very excited about the "potential." The bottom line is that forecasting snow amounts in DC more than four days out is a total crap shoot--but it's fun and we'll try it again. I'll say this though-- you'll win more often than not if you call for little or no snow. Snow cynics have the inherent advantage forecasting (no) snow in DC.

On to the actual weather-- a seasonal start to the work week, then a chance of snow or a rain/snow mix Tuesday. The Tuesday snow shouldn't be a big deal. See details in the Storm Center. Wednesday and Thursday look to be chilly, but the weekend may warm up substantially.

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