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Would you like to phase with me?

Andrew Freedman @ 1:54 AM

Getting the northern and southern jet streams to "phase" strikes me as a bit of a mating dance, it's atmospheric dating. As in dating, the odds are stacked against success, but the rewards for a match are well worth the emotional turmoil. So many things can go wrong with phasing. Maybe one stream is just too slow and is late for the date, and the other one gets pissed off and takes its package offshore. Or perhaps they have no interest in each other at all, agree to be set up (as advertised by the computer models), but then never meet. One blows comfortably over the Great Lakes and New England, and the other contentedly zips over Texas and the Carolinas, neither ever knows what they're missing by staying apart.

As with dating, it is magical when phasing happens just right. You have to try multiple times, often with frustrating results (busted forecasts, bruised egos, awkard moments on a doorstep), but when two come together... watch out!!!

We'll have to wait and see if this week will bring a love match, or if the northern branch will give the southern jet the cold shoulder. My fingers are crossed, the two streams would be really cute together ;)

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