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Silly thing to say

Andrew Freedman @ 10:38 PM

So I was leaving an improv comedy show tonight (COME see us, Improv Nation, Sundays at 7PM in D.C., details at and an audience member comes up to me and says: "It's really humid out there. You know, scientists did a study where they compared D.C.'s summer to Ecuador, and they determined D.C. has far worse humidity than in equator. Isn't it amazing? D.C. sucks!"

I told him that I thought the study was stupid, and he seemed sad but kept talking to me anyway, eventually saying he liked NOAA's weather data better than the National Weather Service. Meanwhile, I was wondering who would ever think of Equador as a humid country anyway.

When I say humid you say what?

Answer: Not Equador.

Don't they have dry valleys in between the Andes? A better comparison would be D.C. and Belize, or D.C. and Cuba.

My problem lately with this city isn't the humidity that has accompanied the premature 90 degree days, it is that D.C. has been skipped over by the thunderstorm gods. For more than a week now many of the suburbs have been hit hard, Baltimore has gotten in on the action and Charlottesville has been walloped almost daily. Yet on the last two Sundays we got a sprinkle here in the nation's capitol from a tired, decapitated anvil which used to adorn a thunderstorm that an hour earlier was raining itself out over the ridgelines to the west. Please, have the strength to make it past 495!

I know we've gotten a few good ones, including the hailer of a few weeks ago and Fridays late night lightning show, but if you consider the amount of "popcorn variety" storms which have erupted during the past two weeks, we're way below the class average. We better shape up soon, or I'm moving to Equador.

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