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Do I hear 90?

Jason Samenow @ 11:00 PM

So far this year, we've only had eight days at or above 90 degrees. During an average summer, we would have had around 18 by now, with another 19 to come.

thermometerToday, we have a chance at hitting 90 and we will tomorrow as well. By the way, yesterday was the 74th anniversary of Washington's hottest day on record, when the mercury soared to 106 degrees back in 1930. Fortunately, we haven't hit 100 since August of 2002. Will the pattern change to support triple digit temps in the coming weeks? Perhaps our long term forecasting guru Josh Larson will weigh in on that in an upcoming post...

Next decent chance of rain is on Friday. More on the late week forecast and the weekend to come...

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