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Rain, The Blues, Bugs and George W ...

Jason Samenow @ 11:46 PM

The title of my post may sound like a list of plagues to some (let the record show CapitalWeather is politically neutral), but it pretty well encapsulates today's subject matter.

Let's start off with the Friday to Sunday forecast. The bottom line is that it is going to be unsettled -- with a chance of rain each day. Today, a front approaches and brings a good chance of showers and storms. Said front stalls out right over us for the weekend -- meaning decent rain chances both days. It will not a be washout and there will be breaks. So you may not get poured on if you venture out to the Herndon Blues Festival, or you may. Have an umbrella handy and check the radar before you head out.

Yesterday, the Washington Post featured a story about AWS and its WeatherBug. The Weatherbug is a desktop application that provides local observations, forecasts and imagery (but, unlike CapitalWeather, no area-specific commentary). I've mentioned them before here (April 23 post), and they've got something good going. It will be interesting to see if they can continue to grow, generate profits and run a sustainable business.

Finally, as a postscript to Tuesday's post on the decommissioning of the NASA TRMM satellite, I thought I'd share this political cartoon by Tom Toles from the Washington Post. Funny stuff. Have a good weekend.

Tom Toles political cartoon thumbnail -- click for full size

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