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Jason Samenow @ 11:14 PM

When severe weather strikes, TV News Directors and Meteorologists are faced with the dilemma of whether to cut into regularly scheduled programming. Tornadoes put lives at stake and stations often feel the obligation to "break-in" when tornado warnings are issued. At the same time, television viewers take their NASCAR races, Survivor episodes and Seinfeld reruns pretty seriously. So when programming is interrupted, TV stations can count on calls from angry viewers, particularly when the severe weather isn't happening in their backyard.

During a tornado outbreak near Milwaukee not long ago, an irate viewer goes on a profanity-ridden tirade on the voicemail of one of the local affiliates when weather coverage interrupts (get this)...a golf tournament. You may listen to it, but I would advise against it in a public place or on a government computer. Actually, it is hilarious... but if you're under 17 and choose to listen, make sure you're accompanied by a legal guardian... Dick Cheney's recent remarks are tame by comparison.

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