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Spectacular weather on the doorstep...

Josh Larson @ 11:06 AM

An area of low pressure riding up the cold front which passed through the area yesterday - bringing with it heavy, gusty thunderstorms - is responsible for the extensive cloud cover over the entire region, and the light to moderate rain currently falling over much of the southern third of the DC Metro area.

However, the cold front which passed is especially strong for this time of year, and strong high pressure is building to our north and west. Our winds have shifted to the north, and should turn to the northwest by later in the day. This should help to push precipiation further away from the immediate DC Metro area, and should also help scour out the clouds and humidity.

It is especially difficult, however, to pinpoint when, and exactly how much clearing will take place by later in the day. In any case, skies should begin to brighten by mid to late afternoon, and my expectation is that by evening we will see at least partial sunshine. Dew points have dropped from the low 70's yesterday, to the mid 60's right now, and should continue to fall as the day wears on. By sunset, dew points will likely be in the upper 50's, and will continue to fall throughout the night.

By midnight, skies should be clear, with light winds, allowing temperatures to drop to near 60 degrees in town, and the mid 50's in the suburbs - a gift for this time of year.

Friday through Sunday will be spectacular, with low humidity and abundant sunshine. Expect highs from 75-80 degrees, with lows ranging from an unseasonably chilly 50 degrees in the coolest suburbs, to the upper 50's downtown.

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