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Very active weather pattern developing

Jason Samenow @ 7:06 AM

Not much time to post this morning, but I'll briefly outline what's going on...

*Risk of strong to severe storms late today and possibly tomorrow afternoon/evening as well as Thursday. See this special weather statement about today's severe weather potential. Also, see the Storm Prediction Center convective outlooks on severe storm potential for Wed and Thurs.

*Tropical Storm Bonnie is churning in the Gulf of Mexico and may intensify. Current track forecast takes her over the Florida panhandle Thursday. As Josh mentions in his post, some possibility her remnants affect our area with some rain late in the weekend.

*Tropical Storm Charley formed overnight in the southeastern Carribean. He's still far away from the U.S. mainland, but has the potential to become a powerful storm. Current track forecasts take him into the Gulf of Mexico during the weekend.

Expect more details on all three of these developing stories...

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