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Election recap, quick forecast update

Jason Samenow @ 2:12 AM

Not a lot of weather news as everyone's focusing on the election. I don't think my conclusion that the nice weather would help Kerry was accurate, given Bush's overall performance (but maybe Bush's popular vote advantage would have been even greater if the weather had been inclement).

The way it looks right now, my election (electoral vote) forecast was on target except for one state: Florida which, of course, makes all the difference in the (in)accuracy of my projected outcome. As of press time Iowa, New Mexico and Nevada remain close, but should go to Bush as I predicted. Ohio, while still contested by the Kerry camp, will almost certainly go to Bush like I called. So congratulates President Bush on his (very likely) victory.

Weatherwise...a pretty nice day today in the wake of both the election and a cold front which moved through. Expect partly sunny skies today, with highs 60-65. Thursday looks like a rainy day -- as the said front stalls to our south and a wave develops along it and moves northward. Temps look to be 55-60.

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