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The week ahead, TV weather and site news...

Jason Samenow @ 1:30 AM

Hope everyone enjoyed the nice'n warm Halloween weekend. Temperatures will take a mini roller coaster ride this week, with significantly chillier weather moving in by week's end. Here's the daily breakdown:

Today: With northerly winds and increasing clouds, temperatures will be cooler today than yesterday. But it will still be relatively mild, with highs in the mid 60s.

Election day: In the wake of a warm front, things heat up for the election -- with temperatures soaring into the 70s. Skies will be considerably cloudy (as will the election outcome). Tomorrow, I'll post an analysis of how weather may impact the election across the nation.

Wednesday: A frontal wave moves through, producing rain. Things cool off a bit, with temperatures in the 60s.

Thursday: Front clears the area, with lingering morning showers. It will become breezy, with tempeatures in the 60s.

Friday: Breezy, and cool. Highs in the 50s.


TV Weather News: and report Hillary Howard has been spotted at Channel 7 (and NewsChannel 8), and may well pursue freelance opportunities. No word on when she might first appear, or whether it will turn into a permanent gig. DCRTV also has an update on Bill Kamal. No real developments since I last posted (Our link to last week's story, with some great comments from yall) but we'll stay on top of the story as it develops.

...'s Winter Outlook (in case you missed it yesterday)


Site news: has officially become a commercial enterprise as of today. We welcome our first advertiser, Meteorologist Tony Pann (who operates his own forecasting business) and we've also placed Google ads. We're going to try to keep the ads as unobtrusive as possible, but their revenues will help us cover the expenses of the operating this site. We (as well as our advertisers) appreciate your support and understanding.

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