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Capitol Snow

Kevin Ambrose @ 11:04 PM

I finally made my first photo trip downtown this year. I left my home in Oakton, VA mid-afternoon with 3.5" of snow on the ground and huge snowflakes falling at a light-to-moderate clip. I arrived at the Vienna Metro station where light sleet was falling and 3" of snow covered the ground. After a quick ride to the Smithsonian stop, I found about 4" of snow on the ground at the Mall with light freezing rain falling. There was no crust on the snow cover which meant most of the precipitation fell as snow. I walked briskly to the Capitol through a very large crowd of tourists, probably left over from the Inauguration. There were also some cross country skiers and a large group of guys playing snow football, some even wearing shorts. I arrived at the Capitol grounds and was promptly kicked off for carrying a tripod. I didn't think the Capitol police actually enforced that rule. I crossed the street and took dozens of photos. Above is one of my favorites -- shows fairly good color and snow detail. Hopefully, there will be a few more chances this winter to photograph snowstorms.


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