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Jefferson in Snow

Kevin Ambrose @ 11:07 PM

Snow falling at the Jefferson Memorial Sunday morning.

I got up Sunday morning to find almost 2" of snow and ice covering the ground, with snow gently falling. I decided to get a photo of the Jefferson in snow so I hit the road in my 4-wheel drive truck. The roads were quite bad, with a thick coating of ice under the snow. Even the main roads, including Rt 66, were bad. I questioned my judgment as the snow and salt spray from other vehicles constantly coated my windshield. I arrived in one piece and found about 1.5" of snow and ice on the ground at the Tidal Basin, and it was still snowing at a light-to-moderate rate. The Jefferson Memorial is undergoing renovation so I had to choose an angle where the trees could hide the scaffolding and construction gear. Using an umbrella to cover my camera and tripod from the falling snow, I quickly took a few shots and headed home for breakfast. As a note, when I converted the photo to low-resolution for the post, most of the snowflakes caught in mid-air seemed to disappear from the image. It's a shame, but I cannot post high-resolution.

Kevin Ambrose,

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