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Full Frontal

Dan Stillman @ 12:30 AM

Click for storyJason was right on the mark when he said in his Monday post that today would be a "significant day weatherwise." After warm weather during the first half of the day, a sharp cold front will shift winds from southerly to northwesterly and plunge the area back into the heart of winter.

We'll start things off on the warm side of a low-pressure system approaching from the west. For the second day in a row, temperatures should climb to near 60. Scattered mid-day showers associated with the front will yield to increasing winds and falling temperatures this afternoon and tonight, all the way down to the upper 20s and lower 30s by Thursday morning.

Tomorrow, a mixture of sun and clouds with northerly winds continuing to bring in lower and lower dewpoints -- into the teens. High temps in the upper 30s to near 40. Tomorrow night, lows in the lower 20s. And settled, sunny weather on Friday with a high in the 30s.

Highs should moderate into the 40s for the weekend. Still looking at a chance for rain or snow Sunday into Monday, but the setup currently being forecast by the models does not look favorable for wintry precipitation. Still several days away, though, and we'll certainly keep our eye on the situation.

Warning: Shameless Self-Promotion Follows ...

Forget Doug Hill, Sue Palka, Topper Shutt, or even Bob Ryan will be facing his toughest competition yet -- kids. The Washington Post's KidsPost is holding a weather forecasting contest (organized by yours truly) with the longtime Channel 4 chief meteorologist. The contest is announced in today's paper, along with maps and other information to help kids make their forecast. Kids will have until 5 p.m. Thursday to e-mail their predictions for the high temperature on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Whoever is the most accurate will have the opportunity to visit the Channel 4 studios and help Ryan make his on-air forecast. Second place gets a school visit from Ryan, and third through 10th place wins a KidsPost prize package. Only Washington-area kids in grades 3-8 are eligible for prizes. See back page of the Style section.

Taxpayers Snakebitten

In a posting last month, I noted NBC4's report that legislators in the western United States are petitioning the federal government to classify the northern snakehead fish as an endangered species. Ringleaders of the effort have acknowledged their goal is not really to protect the invasive species that authorities in our region have worked so hard to eliminate, but rather to highlight problems with the Endangered Species Act. Regardless of motive, however, it looks like taxpayers will be the ultimate victim in this silly attempt to make a point, as the Washington Post reports that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service "will perform the standard scientific review to see if certain factors, such as loss of habitat, predation or disease, warrant protecting the snakehead."

Images courtesy AccuWeather, NBC4 and USGS

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