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Korean War Memorial with Snow

Kevin Ambrose @ 11:32 AM

Dawn breaks at the Korean War Memorial, Saturday February 26, 2005

I'm burning the candle at both ends lately -- staying up late to watch the computer model runs for our next storm, then getting up early to photograph. I woke up particularly early this morning to set up at the Korean War Veterans Memorial to take a photo at dawn. I was hoping for plenty of snow on the ground and I was not disappointed. As I photographed, I noticed a lot of police activity near where I had parked. I moved to the reflecting pool to set up for a sunrise photo, then realized the Sunrise 10K road race was setting up their start/finish line near my car. I quickly aborted the sunrise photographing and ran back, not wishing to be towed. I made a safe getaway, but without a sunrise shot. I checked out the sunrise in my rear view mirror on Rt 66 and it wasn't too colorful; I didn't miss much.

Regarding the storm, see Jason's posts below and watch for update posts today and tomorrow. I like how the weather models are trending eastward with the storm, increasing our snow chances, but the track of the storm is far from certain.


Jason's late morning update, 11:30am
The models are definitely converging on more of an easterly track -- which would mean a colder and potentially snowier situation for DC. However, perhaps I should tone down the hyperbole about a 'mammoth' storm -- as the storm may not "explode" until it arrives in New England. Nonetheless, it appears like it will be a significant storm for us with some snow accumulation. Of course, still quite a few uncertainties with this storm -- especially with respect to amounts and whether we see a changeover to rain. These details will come into better focus this evening and especially tomorrow. We'll keep updating you. - Jason

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