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Jason Samenow @ 10:45 PM

Currently in NW Washington, DC: Light snow, 31, 4" of snow on the ground
Discussion: It keeps coming. Light to occasionally moderate snow continues to pivot through the area. It will continue for the next several hours but gradually diminish. Additional accumulations of 0.5-1" possible, particularly in the N and W suburbs.

Currently in NW, Washington, DC: Moderate snow, 31, 3" of snow on the ground
Discussion: A heavy band of snow has developed over the area and will add 1-2" of accumulation before tapering off. After this band moves through, expect just light snow or flurries overnight -- any additional accumulations should be light.

Note: A full post mortem forecast assessment will be delivered late tonight.

By popular demand, Schoolcast (for Tuesday):

Please report storm snow totals where you live.

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