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Washington's Sunrise - Sunday

Kevin Ambrose @ 8:42 AM

Sunrise in Washington, Sunday February 20, 2005

Approaching storms often give the best sunrise colors. This proved true this morning as the storm system to our west pushed altocumulus clouds overhead, which helped to create an assortment of colors as a backdrop to the Washington Monument.

When I left the house this morning the temperature was 23 degrees with broken cloud cover. When I arrived at the reflecting pool much of the water had a very thin layer of ice that had formed overnight. Ducks quickly gathered on the water around me and the wave action that they created by swimming and diving quickly broke up the ice. The challenge was trying to get a photo without a bunch of ducks swimming in the foreground. With a low light exposure, the ducks appear quite blurred and ultimately ruin a shot. Above was my favorite for the morning, without the ducks. Now, I just hope that I can get a snow photo this evening. This morning's wx model runs don't give me too much encouragement, however.


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