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Great Falls Snow Melt

Kevin Ambrose @ 11:00 AM

Snow melts slowly at Great Falls of the Potomac this first week of March (above), and a comparison of 2005 vs. 2003 at Great Falls (below.)

With the cold temperatures we've had over the past week, the snow has melted rather slowly across our area. Slow snow melt combined with a dry February has caused the Potomac River to flow slightly below normal. In contrast, the winter of 2003 featured very heavy snow and rain events, particularly in February. The liquid measurement in February 2003 at DCA was 6.98" while this February it was only 1.63", one inch below normal. Below is a side-by-side comparison of Great Falls photographed 2/23/03 and 3/1/05, showing the difference in water levels. As a side note, here's a link to a photo that shows how Great Falls looked after tropical rains in September 2003 (Hurricane Isabel):

For an ultimate contrast of water levels at Great Falls, here's a link to a side-by-side comparison with the flood waters from the big snow melt after the Blizzard of January 1996 and the low water levels during the drought of 2002:


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