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Saturday's Sunrise

Kevin Ambrose @ 8:51 AM

Sunrise at the Reflecting Pool, Saturday March 12, 2005

When I left the house this morning it was 24 degrees with clear skies. As I approached D.C., I became part of a small convoy of trucks that all seemed to park with me near the Lincoln Memorial. I quickly asked one of the drivers what event was occurring, not wanting to get caught up in yet another road race. I was told they were filming the movie, "Thank You for Smoking." Knowing that the roads would not be closed for filming, I proceeded to the reflecting pool and set up my tripod. The film crew, cameras, and food carts began to assemble around me. As the sun began to rise, some of the camera men rushed down to the water's edge with digital cameras to photograph. They were quickly told to get back to work. At the peak of sunrise color, I was alone photographing while the film crew bustled behind me. As I was leaving, the extras were arriving and were getting briefed, "Do not look at the cameras." More info about the movie can be found at: Over the next few weeks, the sun will continue to move north across the horizon and begin to line up with the Washington Monument during sunrise.

Regarding the forecast, one weather model (NAM) shows a potential for some snow 48 hours from now. Another model (GFS) is keeping precip to our south, however. It bears watching. In the near term, New England is getting hammered by yet another snowstorm. For D.C., it appears that today's clipper will pass through fairly dry. Jason can give more in depth information later.


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