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Packing Heat + Top 10 List

Jason Samenow @ 1:00 AM

After a week of pleasant, below average temperatures, the heat and humidity is primed to make a return. This year's hottest temperatures are on the way this weekend.

Today will be on the warm side, but not oppressive. Expect highs of 85-89 with a touch of humidity.

On Saturday and Sunday, the heat really kicks in along with uncomfortable humidity. Highs should reach the low to mid 90s both days. The image above shows a computer model forecast for Saturday, indicating upper 90s are possible. That's a 99 right over DC. While I think that forecast is a bit aggressive, a few spots could see high 90s on Saturday. If you're out and about over the weekend -- perhaps at the Folk Life festival, stay hydrated and wear sunscreen -- UV levels are very high this time of year.

Nationals vs. Blue Jays, Friday, 7:05pm, RFK
A very pleasant evening for baseball. Temperatures should start off in the low to mid 80s and fall into the upper 70s by the end of the game. There is pretty much no chance of rain.'s Top 10 Indicators It's Hot in DC
Caution: these are not politically correct

10) Lobbyist Jack Abramoff promises Alaska Eskimos casinos in exchange for half the profits and the transfer of 68 square miles of permafrost to Washington.
9) Senator Rick Santorum complains National Weather Service (NWS) heat wave information saving too many lives, unfairly competing with private sector.
8) Senator Hillary Clinton can't find the ice in her veins.
7) Former President Bill Clinton doubles viagra dose.
6) Senator John Kerry sports a real tan.
5) Jose Guillen of the Nationals finally breaks down and kicks the crap out of someone.
4) DC Gov bans smoking in bars, while Ward Eight Council member Marion Barry calls to legalize crack. Starts "Beat the Heat,Go with the Snow" campaign.
3) Former Attorney General John Ashcroft substitutes Nelly's "Hot in Herre" for "Let the Eagles Soar" in singing appearance, proceeds to disrobe.
2) President George W. Bush announces: "Today, I proclamate an accessive heat strategery"
1) Vice President Dick Cheney makes personal pledge to reduce his emissions and fight global warming: "Read my lips, no more beans"

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