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A warm one

Jason Samenow @ 1:56 AM

The heat we've been advertising since early in the week arrives today. But just how hot?

I'm thinking the low 90s ought to do it for the high today. I had mentioned mid 90s and even some isolated upper 90s yesterday, but the airmass just doesn't seem that hot. And while it will be humid, dewpoints should stay in the mid 60s which is not as bad as it gets around here. The really oppressive humidity kicks in when the dewpoint exceeds 70.

Bottom line is expect a hot, but not super hot Saturday. Rain chances are minimal.

Image courtesy AccuWeather.

Nationals vs. Blue Jays, 7:05pm, RFK
Expect warm and humid conditions with temperatures starting off around 86-87, falling to near 80-81 by game's end. Rain chances are slim to none.

Tropical Update

Per Steve's update yesterday afternoon, we're watching a disturbance off the U.S. Southeast coast. It will bring rain and gusty winds to portions of the Southeast today and is likely to come ashore on the South Carolina coast on Sunday. There's a small chance the disturbance could strengthen enough to be a weak tropical storm (in which case he would be Bret) prior to landfall. Some of the system's moisture could arrive in our area by Monday evening, increasing precipitation chances early next week. See the latest from the Tropical Prediction Center.

Santorum Bill Analysis

Information Week provides one of most cogent and informative analyses of the Santorum Bill I've seen to date. It includes the opinions of a number of legal experts and quotes industry officials. Here's the article: Reining In The National Weather Service

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