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The week ahead

Jason Samenow @ 11:56 PM

The weather in the coming week will be pretty much what you would expect here in the first week of August: it will be quite warm and on the humid side. Here are some details...

Today: Morning fog, followed by partly sunny skies. Highs in the upper 80s.

Screen on the Greencast
Showing: Suspicion (1941)
Location/Time: On the Mall after Dusk, tonight
Weather: Expect fair skies with comfortable temperatures starting off in the low 80s and gradually dropping into the high 70s.

Tuesday through Thursday: Weak high pressure over the area will allow plenty of sunshine and very warm temps. Highs should range from 89-94, with sticky humidity levels. Dewpoints look to average about 70.

Friday: A cold front is expected to move through late, increasing chances of showers and storms in the afternoon and evening. Highs again should be in the lower 90s.

Saturday: The cold front may stall to our south as a wave forms along it. Meanwhile high pressure will be building in from the northwest. We've seen this scenario before (this past weekend), and the high pressure won out-- very little of the rain from the frontal wave made it here. I wouldn't be surprised if we see such a scenario repeat, with mostly dry conditions. Nonetheless, as this is five days away, uncertainty is large -- so I can't rule out Saturday will be wet. Stay tuned. Temperatures should cool into the mid 80s.

Sunday: High pressure should takeover -- with dry conditions and temperatures again in the mid 80s. chalks up another forecast contest win

Last week, I took on Matt McConnell, an 18 year-old college student and weather hobbyist in our weekly forecasting competition. I averaged 2.0 degrees off/forecast compared to Matt's 2.6 degrees off/forecast. These scores translate to grades (post provides description) of B+/A- for me and a B for Matt. My record is now 3-1-1.

This week, I'm competing against the forecasted provided at (see graphic on the right).

Additional Note

Be sure to read Andrew's "Live from Mount Washington" post below this one.

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