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More fine weather

Jason Samenow @ 8:29 AM

Welcome WCBM 680 listners! is dedidated to providing useful and entertaining weather information and commentary for the Washington, DC area.

Thanks to Tony Pann and Justin Berk of WeatherTalk Radio for having me on their program today.

Today's weather

Another beautiful day. We should make it to 80 today (yesterday's high was 77, but it felt warmer than that in the sun at Byrd Stadium where my defenseless Cavs suffered a demoralizing loss to the Terps). One thing I noticed yesterday is that the sun is still strong (I got a little too much of it in the nose bleeds where they seat visitors at Byrd), so if you're going to be outside for a while, sunscreen is a good idea -- UV Index should be around 6 today.

A few notes

  • Tropical Storm Stan, the 18th named storm of the season formed last night and will affect the Yucatan Peninsula today. It will weaken as it moves over land but it forecast to re-emerge in the southern Gulf where it will likely intensify again before hitting the Mexican coast.
  • Tropical Depression 19, way out in the Atlantic, is unremarkable. It could briefly become Tammy, but is a fish storm.
  • Tony Pann and Justin Berk appear to have an action packed edition of WeatherTalk planned for today at 3pm on 680 WCBM. Today's featured topic will be Global Warming and Hurricanes.
  • Green Day fans: September has ended -- time to wake up.

Weather Gamecast: Pro Football

Seattle at Washington, at 1:00pm at Fed Ex Field

Mostly sunny with temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. Bring sunscreen. Score prediction: Redskins 13, Seahawks 7

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