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Temperate Tuesday: Tan Now, or Forever Hold Your Peace

A. Camden Walker @ 1:02 AM


Another warm, sunny October day is on tap. Dare I scarecast it as the... last for the week?! Highs will touch 80 in most spots, but concrete-imprisoned urbanites may bake up to 83 downtown. This assumes we can kick our easterly breeze off the Bay, that is keeping this morning dank. Only a handful of early morning readers in the Blue Ridge should have patchy valley fog. Commuters from Frederick or Front Royal, be sure to use low-beams. The sun should burn off the remaining low and midlevel clouds by 11am. This afternoon's only "worry" will be patchy clouds.

Still, the UV Index will be a moderate concern if you are catching these last warm rays peeking through (don't fall asleep outside on your towel). Humidity will be noticeable, but our summer training allows us to handle this afternoon's sub-oppressiveness. Right. Well, enjoy this quiet day before the late-week action!

Need Snow

Book a flight out to Montana or Wyoming. Looks exciting there in the next couple of days! CapitalWeather's Winter Outlook will be out later in the month. We'll see how much energy conservation might be needed--if long cold snaps look likely. Heck, for now, wintry weather is much less of a factor for DC's foreseeable weather future than the tropics.

And Speaking of Tropics

The same high pressure system giving us decent weather so far this week could funnel tropical moisture into the approaching cold front late this week. Rain will fall! But with tropical origin? We'll let you know whether to expect breezes along with your rain later this week.
Pesky Bermuda Triangle Trouble!

One or more systems could develop near the Southeast coastline in the next couple of days. Things remain disorganized, however. There are also a couple of other tropical lows, disorganized but spinning, out in the open Atlantic. Stan has been written off for U.S. landfall. It will drift WSW over the next 36hrs through the Bay of Campeche, with a slim chance at gaining Category 2 hurricane status.

image courtesy of Accuweather

Boy Scouts Beware! because with Old Dry Frye

SE Fires BurnWell, after setting the record for driest September on record in DC, the fire danger is indeed high. Fires (click at right) have already sent up smoke plumes in GA, AL, and other Southeastern states.

Admittedly, it is fire season for the Eastern U.S.--at least as much as we have one according to climatology. We rarely experience severity on the order of magnitude as that around Los Angeles this week. Their region not only has regular 7 month dry seasons but gets fanned by Santa Ana breezes too. Here in DC, Autumn months encapsulate our relatively driest months of the year, and so climatologists aren't balking too loudly at our current drought since it is timed during our typical "dry season."

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