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Thursday's Frost on the Pumpkin Edition, and Other Goodies

Jason Samenow @ 11:30 PM


With high pressure building in, calm winds and clear skies, it's going to be cold this morning. Many of you in places like Centreville, Fairfax, Gaithersburg and Columbia will, for the first time this year, have frost (and temperatures from 32-35). Those priveleged to live inside the confines of the District will just have dew (with temps near 40). Thank you urban heat island.

Everyone will see abundant sunshine this afternoon and recovering temperatures. The high should reach just shy of 60. Friday, after another chilly start, will be similar with temps just a shade cooler, peaking between 55-58. The weekend forecast, which I'll feature in detail tomorrow, should be great, with moderating temperatures.

Amazing Mt. Washington

You may remember the "Live from Mt. Washington" series posted here by contributor Andrew Freedman, who interned at the summit this past summer. He's no longer there, and as a snow lover, is probably kicking himself.

What has gone down (literally) at Mt. Washington defies belief. In the last eight days, the New Hampshire peak has broken its 24 hour snowfall record TWICE. Check this out, direct from the Mt. Washington blog:
The 24 hour snowfall record for October, which stood for 36 years, shattered a mere 8 days ago, was broken again this morning. The summit picked up 27.5 inches of snow again with this latest storm, 25.7 of it in 24 hours, breaking the old record of 25.5 inches set on October 17th. We've had 72 inches of snow now in the last 12 days, nearly 25% of a normal year's total!!!

More amazingly, the infamous record for total monthly precipitation set in February of 1969 at 25.56 inches has also been eclipsed, as we sit at 27.85 inches of combined rain and melted snow now for the month of October.
Pictured: The summit observatory under the weather. Image courtesy Mt. Washington Observatory

On the Verge of Beta

As I'm writing this, we've got newly minted Tropical Depression #26, primed to become Tropical Storm Beta sometime later today. It's spinning around the southern Caribbean, and will likely move inland in a couple days and rain itself out over Nicaragua.

Becoming a Weatherman

Nicolas Cage's star role in the film "The Weather Man", opening in theatres Friday, is likely to generate new interest in the field of broadcast meteorology. Anticipating this, Slate magazine has an article on what it takes to become a "weatherman." Slate cautions:
Getting your first job in television meteorology can be tough. ... Entry-level positions could be part-time, either filling in for the regular broadcaster when she's on vacation or plugging undesirable weekend time slots. A weatherman who's just starting out might not get more than $15 an hour, or a yearly salary of around $20,000.
That's not to mention having to start off in markets like Glendive, MT and Yuma, AZ to get your foot in the door.

I'll preview the movie in tomorrow's edition and offer a review of it over the weekend.

Photo of the Day

Sunset Near Dulles Airport Yesterday


By photographer Kevin Ambrose


Boston College at Virginia Tech
Where: Lane Stadium, Blacksburg, VA
When: Tonight, 7:45pm
Weather Impact: Bundle up kind of evening. Mostly clear and cold, with a light northwest wind. Temperatures falling from the low 40s into the upper 30s.
Prediction: Hokies 31, Eagles 17
What to wear: Heavy coat, hat and gloves

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