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Classic Nor'easter; Clipper Next? Calendar News

Steve Scolnik @ 4:45 PM

Surface weather map at 1pm today from NWS/NCEP/HPC

This afternoon's weather map shows a classic nor'easter centered near Boston. To the south of the deep low, lingering showers this morning in the Washington metro area have given way to partly cloudy skies with winds gusting from the northwest as high as 36 mph in several locations. These winds were causing cold air advection in the Midwest and East Coast regions. (Note the early afternoon temperatures as low as 7° in Ontario.)

As it did yesterday, the latest ("NAM") model run this afternoon is keeping the focus of the next storm system, a "clipper", over the northern Great Lakes. The precipitation at our latitude, already light, literally skips over the DC area Wednesday night into Thursday morning. The pixels are still drying on the output from the other major U.S. model, the "GFS", but the precipitation is slightly higher, up to 0.1".

Tonight and Tomorrow

For tonight, temperatures will drop to near freezing in the city, upper 20s in the 'burbs. Tomorrow will be partly cloudy and breezy with highs in the low 40s.

Tropical Beat

A strong low pressure area near latitude 30N in the east-central Atlantic has been going native and its increasing tropical characteristics could turn it into Tropical Storm Delta at any time.

Calendar Corner

Last week, we highlighted the Weather Guide Calendar from Accord Publishing. Another old favorite is the Alaska Weather Calendar from Williwaw Publishing, a regional publisher in Anchorage. I ordered one of the earliest versions in the pre-Web-commerce days of 1995 via 800 number, and I enjoyed its colorful addition to my office at AOL. They now have a very efficient online store with major credit cards accepted and human review of the order before shipping. The cost is $12 plus $4 Priority Mail shipping (about 3 days to DC). Orders of 4 or more (including available back issues at $5 each) are discounted 20%; 10 or more are 40% off.

Broadcast News

Don't forget the PBS Katrina/flood triple feature tonight, previewed in yesterday's afternoon update.

NPR had a report this morning on evidence that the New Orleans 17th Street Canal levee was leaking into residents' yards months before Katrina.

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