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Falling Back to Spring

Steve Scolnik @ 4:20 PM

Surface weather map at 1pm today from NWS/NCEP/HPCimage
This afternoon's weather map shows a warm front on the doorstep of the Washington metro area ahead of a deep low pressure area tracking eastward just north of Lake Superior. Temperatures around the region at mid afternoon range from the spring-like upper 60s to low 70s, except for the river-influenced 64 and 63 at National and Quantico, respectively. To the south of the front, Petersburg, VA was 82 at 3 pm. Radar shows some scattered showers in Pennsylvania, northeast of Harrisburg. Showers have been quite light in this area, with an official report of 0.05" overnight and only a trace this morning.

Tonight and Tomorrow

As Dan explained earlier, temperatures will remain mild ahead of the cold front approaching from the west this evening. Morning lows will be around 50, and there is a 40% chance of showers overnight. Tomorrow will be partly cloudy, but a northwesterly breeze will keep temperatures from rising beyond the mid 50s, and the gusty wind will make it feel colder.

Weather Humor: Black Comedy
With the scary orchestral crescendo and Running Yellow-Slicker Person replaced by seasonal retrospectives on Tropical Update, the Weather Channel is trying new audience-building features. AP reports, via CNN, that comedian Lewis Black of the Comedy Central Daily Show will appear tonight as the first in a new celebrity-guest series. Black, known for his wild rants on the Daily Show, will chat with in-house comedian wannabe Dave Schwartz. TWC Climate Expert Dr. Heidi Cullen gives a preview of Black's appearance in the Weather Channel blog. In a profile earlier this year, WaPo revealed that Black, a native of Silver Spring, is a product of Montgomery County Public Schools, having graduated Springbrook High in the class of 1966.

In other broadcast news, fans of "Twister" can catch a rerun of the tornado-chaser classic on TBS tomorrow night at 9.

Comedy Central image, via

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