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It's Still Windy...

Jason Samenow @ 8:24 AM


Expect PLENTY of sunshine today and PLENTY of wind (20-30mph, gusting to 40mph or so). Combine the wind with the chilly temps and you'll want an extra layer or two or three today. The high should be around 40, but windchills will hover at or below freezing for most of the day (right now the wind chill is a brutal 14 degrees).

(Today's operative words might be "YOU'RE WRONG"... That is, at least about yesterday's Redskins prediction. I suppose I should stick to weather forecasting; although the Redskins forecast was more of a wishcast -- I didn't really think they would blowout the Seahawks. Was just playing to the partisan crowd here.)

Tomorrow, as always, I will post the week ahead forecast -- and I don't think it's going to contain accumulating snow. For snow lovers, it's gotta be disappointing when the most snow the area gets in January is illustrated by the scene above...

A covering of snow coats a car top in Oakton, VA last night. By photographer Kevin Ambrose.

Media Hits: It Could Happen Tomorrow, Tonight

Hit One
The much anticipated Weather Channel (TWC) series "It Could Happen Tomorrow", as discussed here previously, debuts tonight at 9:30pm EST. WxNation scored a sneak preview of the first episode and posted a review on the WxNation Wire. Here is an excerpt:
...importantly, the show serves as a reminder for New Yorkers who already know - and informs the rest - that the city is due for a hurricane as strong as Katrina. As a result, the first episode of "It Could Happen Tomorrow" proves to be informational while entertaining.
TWC's Tropical Weather Expert posts about the program on TWC's blog and drums up his own "worst case" hurricane scenario. The scenario is so preposterous that I am surprised he posted it. He says every component of the scenario is "absolutely plausible" -- but each, in and of itself, is a very low probability occurrence. Summed up, the probability of his "worst case scenario" is about zero... It's essentially science fiction and, in my opinion, pointless to post something like that.

Hit Two
Speaking of pointless (the guest, not the show), WeatherTalkRadio is having Scott Stevens on its program today. Stevens, not to be confused with the former Capitals player, believes the government is controlling the weather (and so is my parent's schnauzer). The program starts at 3:05pm on WCBM 680. I hope Tony and Justin ask him hard questions.

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