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Saturday update: What About Tomorrow?

Jason Samenow @ 2:29 AM

For the second day in a row, it's actually going to feel like January. Yes, it will be cold...but not brutal. After starting the day in the 20s (near 20 colder suburbs, about 27 downtown), expect a mix of clouds and sun, with a high near 40. This may be the first day since December 22 that temperatures are below average. The present short stretch of cold weather is good news for local ski resorts who are trying to replenish a depleted snowpack. They better make it fast and furious because another warming trend starts tomorrow...

Pictured: The Washington Monument glows under last night's clear skies. By Jason Samenow

It Could Happen Tomorrow

Steve offered a preview of The Weather Channel's new show It Could Happen Tomorrow, but seemed skeptical about the program's value. He wrote: "I think it's really unfortunate that the horror-movie elements seem to be overwhelming the educational opportunities on such an important subject." An alternative perspective is that, despite its sensationalism, this is an important program as it may raise public awareness of potential catastrophes and serve as a catalyst for improving natural hazard preparation and response.

What follows is an excerpt from a segment of a program that was developed on the threat of a major hurricane to New Orleans, but that never aired. The show was set to be telecast in September but Katrina had already struck...

"It Could Happen Tomorrow" debuts Sunday, January 15 at 9:30 PM ET with an examination of how a Category 3 hurricane could affect New York City. Subsequent episodes will look at an F-5 tornado touching down in Dallas and how an eruption of Mount Rainer could impact Seattle. The Weather Channel has developed a very cool, interactive website (uses Flash) for the program:

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