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Cool start, warm -- showery? finish...

Jason Samenow @ 6:00 AM

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There will be a slight chill in the air when you get up and head out today -- as temperatures will start the day near 50 -- even some 40s in the cooler suburbs. Mostly sunny skies in the morning will give way to increasing clouds and breezy conditions in the afternoon with a 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms. High temperatures should reach the upper 70s. The detailed forecast for the week ahead will appear tomorrow.

Museum Opening: "Wondrous Cold"

The traveling exhibition "Wondrous Cold: An Antarctic Journey" premiered at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History on May 18 and will remain on view through Sept. 4.

From the press release, courtesy Smithsonian Office of Public Affairs:

"Wondrous Cold" will feature 50 stunning photographs taken during [Joan] Myers' four months on the continent. Large panoramas will underline Antarctica's austere beauty, considerable size and unique wildlife and panels will look at the McMurdo's historical, scientific and political background. Visitors will also be introduced to the station's scientists, who conduct research in climatology, glaciology, biology and astronomy, and the support staff who keep McMurdo functioning.
More information.

Poll update

In our last poll, we asked who your favorite weekend weathercaster was. WUSA's Tony Pann was the overwhelming pick -- earning 52% of the votes. WRC's Clay Anderson came in second (23%) closely followed by WJLA's Joe Witte (21%). Lesser known Gary McGrady of FOX5 only received 4% of the votes. Personally, I think McGrady is underrated and is actually one of the better mets on TV in the DC area.

The new poll asks you about weathercasters who no longer are on TV in DC. Some have gone to stations in other markets (some bigger markets, some smaller markets), others have gotten out of TV and one is in jail. Let us know who some of your old favorites are...

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