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Beautiful Weather For One More Day

Matt Ross @ 12:00 AM


Nice Day StampToday will be sunny and beautiful. Highs will be slightly below average around 80 degrees. The last few days have finally offset June's warm beginning. Temperatures for the month are running almost a degree below average. A warm-up to seasonal norms and perhaps even warmer should commence later this week into the weekend. See Jason's post from yesterday for more details on the end of the week.

Tropical Storm Alberto

Alberto will make landfall during the day today on the west coast of Florida near the Panhandle. It is unlikely that Alberto will develop into a hurricane, but will still be packing 60mph+ winds at landfall. Alberto will quickly move inland up the eastern seaboard and off the North Carolina coast tomorrow night. As Jason mentioned yesterday, some of our shower activity tomorrow may be enhanced by Alberto, but the 1st named storm of the season will not be a significant weather maker for the DC metro area.

Graphic courtesy Accuweather.

Nighttime Minimums

A big story of last summer was the warm nights. The hot summer of 2005 was largely due to very warm nighttime lows as opposed to daytime highs. With rainfall deficits running high for most of the area, nighttime lows have been running slightly below normal and are just as responsible as daytime highs for our slightly below normal June so far. I believe this trend will continue and overnight lows may mitigate our average temps as we start to see upper 80s and 90s later this month and into July.

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