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Active Weather: Past, Present and Future...

Jason Samenow @ 8:25 AM

Just a year ago today, Katrina's threat to New Orleans began to crystallize. And now, one year later, we begin to watch another tropical storm that could wreak havoc somewhere along the Gulf Coast. Closer to home and more immediately, we have a threat of some thunderstorms late this afternoon and evening.


Forecast Confidence: HighMuggy, isolated strong storms in the PM. A weak boundary to the north will sag southward. Ahead of it, the air will be warm and muggy...with highs approaching 90. By late afternoon and evening, the front could trigger some storms (40%) -- with heavy rain and gusty winds possible.


Forecast Confidence: HighContinued sticky, with PM storm threat. Tomorrow's airmass will not change significantly, meaning a continuation of very warm and humid conditions with highs near 90. A disturbance approaching the area in the afternoon/evening could trigger a few late day thunderstorms (30% chance) , a few of which, like today, could also be strong.

Tropical Update

While Tropical Depression Debby weakens in the open Atlantic and is no threat, Tropical Storm Ernesto is strengthening and has the potential to become a powerful hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.

One Year Ago Today,'s Headline:
Katrina -- Serious threat for New Orleans

Forty-eight hours before Katrina made landfall, I wrote:
...if New Orleans gets a direct hit from a Category 4 or higher storm (and Katrina may reach these levels), the potential is there for one of the worst weather catastrophes or catastrophes of any sort on U.S. soil in decades...
I also mentioned how I had recently asked why New Orleans wasn't better prepared for a storm at a Congressional seminar on Capitol Hill in June of 2005 -- 10 weeks before the storm struck.

You can read the rest of our Katrina coverage from last year in our site archive. All of's commentary and analysis, editorials/opinions, visitor comments, and insights from expert contributors is available. For better or for worse, a blog is a living record that allows us to re-live the past blow by blow.

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