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Rain early, Clearing late

A. Camden Walker @ 4:40 AM

An early morning batch of rain that brought a third of an inch to downtown DC will dissipate; morning overcast skies remain. After 2pm today, we should begin to clear, making way for a viewable sunset. With enough sunshine, we may hit 70°


Forecast Confidence: HighWet not Wild. You need some early morning rain gear today. Slicker, umbrella, and perhaps wear your second-best dress shoes. Temperatures will stay in the mid 60s for most of the day, but may pop to 70° during increasing afternoon peeks of sunshine. Wind will become gusty as the front passes through, drying us out and ending our slightly muggy weather. Be ready to be blown around later...

Autumn's Damp Display

Reston foliage by photographer Kevin Ambrose.

Tonight the wind will calm a bit and skies will clear. Sidewalks will be completely dried out, and you won't need to worry about a wet night on the town. By dawn, look for low temperatures inside the Beltway around 46. The suburbs should hit the 42 degree mark.


Fair Weather. No rain, little wind, and just a few fair weather cumulus clouds. It will be a splendid day as temperatures rise into the lower 60s. Southern suburbs will probably eclipse the 65 degree mark. All that can be said is ENJOY! Splendid, dry fall weather is here.


Payback for Saturday? Mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the upper 40s appear likely for Sunday morning. Rain is possible by mid-morning, and it may be steady; however, not too intense. Temperatures will hover in the upper 50s most of the day, but we could see dry conditions by the end of the day (and the 60 degree mark). Stay tuned to Jason's update tomorrow. Let's not throw away our Sunday afternoon just yet...

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