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A Sunny Recipe with a Warm Spree

A. Camden Walker @ 3:11 AM

With the departure of our Thanksgiving feasts, so departs our damp, cool, autumn weather. Enjoy our upcoming shoppers' specials: dry, sunny, warm days around the 60° mark!


Forecast Confidence: HighClear for Spending. The roads and sidewalks should be dry for the commuting today, lest you not be given a holiday. It will be a rare "comfortable" time for those waiting in Black Friday shopping lines before stores open at dawn. This afternoon will shine with breezy, yet warm, conditions in the lower 60s.

Clear Sunset over Georgetown's Canal

Perfect conditions for strolling along Wisconsin Ave tonight; or shopping at Georgetown Mall. [A.Camden Walker]

Tonight, downtown will still be chilly, around 40 degrees. Winchester, Salisbury, Aberdeen and other cooler spots will dip near freezing. Skies will be clear and the air crisp.


Continued Pleasant. More payback for the rainy streak recently, highs will again hover around 60 during the afternoon. The breeze will be much less prevalent so even your light jackets may be shed, for a time. Make sure, though, that you have warm layers so that you're ready for a quick cool-down in temperature right as the sun sets.


Splendid. Middle 30s to lower 40s (suburbs-city) during the early morning hours will give way to quick warming above 60. During our pristine and calm afternoon, high temperatures will likely hit 63°. If you desired the easiest possible weekend weather in which to shop around all over town--you've got it made.

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