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Windy Weekend Winter Weather - Sunday Snow?

A. Camden Walker @ 5:40 AM

Sunshine today will be bested by very windy conditions. While it won't be bitter, per se, most of our day spent in the 30s will feel even chillier. Do the layers--stay as comfortable as possible.


Forecast Confidence: High"Average" Chill. We take aim at our 42° average high today, but with winds gusting over 20mph at times, we'll feel much crisper. Clouds will stay around but allow sun to shine through, for the most part. I'd rate today, on my "scale," a 1-glove day (out of a possible 2).


Under a dismal sky, condo construction on Logan Circle's P street corridor. []

Tonight, wind won't ease up too much but skies will reveal more and more constellations toward dawn. Lows should be geographically uniform in the Metro Area at or about 25.


Windchilled but Clear. We have a chance at staying below freezing. Even if the temperatures bump up to 34, the wind will keep you thinking it's in the 20s all day. The sun will appear bright, but helpless. Northwesterly winds gusting to near 30mph will gleefully reinforce our arctic air, behind a trough of low pressure.


Winds fall, Precip too? Clouds shroud our area by midday but, simultaneously, the winds finally die down. As the breeze shifts easterly, temperatures will pop up just above freezing (to 35°) in the early afternoon. It should at least feel more mild than Saturday. Flurries may start at sunset, especially SW of town.

Snow Lover's Crystal Ball

Next Chance of Accumulating Snow:
Sunday, Jan 21 - Monday, Jan 22
Probability: 30%
Potential Impact:

Commentary: Assuming probability of this event ocurring continues to increase with time, speculates that there will be a light shield of moisture moving into our area from SW to NE on Sunday after dark.

Surface temperatures will be hovering right around freezing. Snow accumulation on grass is likely. Roads will not be majorly hazardous except points well SW of town, such as Charlottesville. Mixing will not be severe, but precip type could fluctuate near the end of the event, south, near Fredericksburg. Flurries will persist along I-95 as late as dawntime.

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