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Frigid For Now: Cross your Frozen Fingers for Freezing

A. Camden Walker @ 5:40 AM

From chilly nights and a couple more frigid days, we will slowly work our Metro Area temperatures back up to average. Maybe not today , maybe not tomorrow...but soon. Soon you will laugh maniacally at the sleet-slop mess as it begins to melt. Slowly. Ever so slowly.


Forecast Confidence: HighSimply, Freezing. From morning low temperatures between 6 and 14 degrees, afternoon temperatures will struggle to max out around the freezing mark: ranging from 29°-33°F. Skies will be mostly sunny but "so what!" -- There'll be persistent wind, numbing your face, most of the day.


Forecast Confidence: HighOnly Mildly Arctic. With scattered clouds in the area, temperatures will "only" dip to the range of 15-21°. Winds will slacken to only a breeze. Thank goodness; but, the diurnal nature of our winds will immediately re-activate upon sunrise. ugh.


A familiar scene in downtown DC this week; near the intersection of 17th & Massachusetts ave., NW.[Ian Livingston]


Melting... Under mostly cloudy skies, highs in the upper 30s will really have ya "cooking." Even the wind will chill you less; as it remains less turbulent throughout the day. Late in the evening we could see a few flurries, but that is about it.


Same ol' Same ol'. From the morning's low-to-mid 20s, we struggle to reach the freezing mark--once again. Behind the Alberta Clipper system that moved through in the overnight hours (flurries or no flurries) winds out of the northwest will likely blow you around again. Skies will have moments of dark cloud patches, simply moving through, but no precipitation appears to threaten us at this time.

Post-Storm Assessment

For those of you awaiting our post-mortem on this week's storm, Jason will be in tomorrow with his assessment of how and other area forecast Outlets performed, and what made this particular storm so difficult to predict.

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