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Dog Days Already Barking?
Hot, but briefly lower humidity until Sunday

A. Camden Walker @ 9:00 AM

The warmest average temperatures of the year are upon us. Combine that with a pattern that will remain average, if not slightly above, over the next several days? And you've got a small heat wave. Tadaaaa! Heated details, below.


Very warm, breezy, not as humid. Morning temperatures quickly shoot up from around 70 degrees to afternoon highs around 90. Breezes will be warm, but better than nothing! Clouds and--for that matter--rain chances will be few and far between. Humidity levels will be a shade drier than yesterday, but still walk slowly to and from work so as not to break a sweat!

America's 231st Grand Finale!

Wednesday night's firework finale on the National Mall.
By's Kevin Ambrose. Wow.


Dry, sunny. Low temperatures will not go much below 70, except in the suburbs (where mid to high 60s will be a bit more refreshing) --but it will stay dry. Temperatures will head to around 90 under generally sunny skies, perhaps aided by a few refreshing breezes in the afternoon. Humidity levels will be relatively comfortable -- in the 30-40% range, with dewpoints in the high 50s during the afternoon. But given the heat and abundant sunshine, make sure to wear the sunscreen and dress in light colored clothing. It could be worse for July, but still you should take it easy.


Hot and a little more sticky... Once again rain chances are nearly zero but the humidity will be increasing. Temperatures will head from morning low temperatures around 70 and head into the low 90s. Stay cool and drink plenty of fluids. I have no cold front to report heading near our area, so you'd better get used to this airmass. ick!

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