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Dry Streak Ends, But Drought Going Nowhere

A. Camden Walker @ 11:30 AM

** With .03" of rain reported at 10:52 AM, the DCA dry streak has ended at 34 days **

After a record 34 straight days without any measurable rain at Reagan National, the heavens may finally open and douse the parched land this evening. But this rain event won't be a drought buster as the rain will be short-lived (setting the stage for a terrific weekend) and the amounts mainly modest.


Clouds, Humidity, PM Thunder. Chances are pretty good for at least a shower if not a soaking thunderstorm in the area late today. Rainfall potential is around 0.25-0.5" but lighter/heavier amounts are possible in a few spots. High temperatures will approach 80 degrees and skies will remain mostly cloudy for the majority of the day. Kinda like the milky veil we had late Thursday around the District. Breezes will be fairly persistent, out of the southerly direction.

Overnight, skies will be very slow to clear after any storms. Temperatures will fall to about 60 inside the Beltway, a little cooler elsewhere. Wind direction will shift to the west, a dryer fetch of wind.

General McPherson orders Fine Weather

Thursday's sunrise in McPherson Square between I&K streets, NW. Once again humidity and low-level moisture produced a milky sunrise. [A. Camden Walker]


Breezes bring clearing. Afternoon temperatures in the mid-70s will feel more refreshing behind the cold front. Westerly breezes will usher in some drier air for us, and bring us a mostly sunny afternoon. Dewpoints will be on the decline, so the air will be much more comfortable.

Overnight, temperatures will be chilly. Or, at least much cooler than we are used to recently. Downtown expect lower 50s, and outside the city maybe upper-40s. Break out that telescope for some great stargazing; however, I'm not sure of any astronomical events coming up--Do readers know of any event for which to utilize the great conditions Saturday night??


Blue n' Beautiful. Clear skies and temperatures near 80 are on tap. This could be our best day of the weekend with only moderate breezes, low mugginess (dewpoints in the 40s), and clearrrr skiesss! Needless to say, rain chances are near zero. Do we begin now another record-breaking 30+ day without precipitation?? eegad.

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