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33 degrees and raining? How lame!

Andrew Freedman @ 3:50 PM

Friday's D.C. weather was about as frustrating as I could imagine.

I woke up to a beautiful light coating of ice, ripples along railings, ice leaf shadows forming on the bushes by my apartment, and a silver sheen in the distance as the low morning light reflected off the frosted trees. All of us at, and at other weather forecasting outlets, believed the temperature would rise above freezing in the morning, turning the freezing rain into plain old rain. What I didn't expect was that the term "above freezing" would actually mean that the temperature would rise one measly degree. How lame. One or two degrees cooler, and our ice event would have continued. I could have left work, and the weekend sunshine would have illuminated a new silver city. But no, the temperature had to stubbornly rise to 33 and stay there, mocking me. I was hoping the Weather Service's thermometers were broken, and it was really 40 degrees, because I could've handled that. But 33 is rude. That toys with my emotions as a weather enthusiast. The only positive spin I could put on it is that 33 was Boston Celtics' legend Larry Bird's number, so it is a lucky one for me. Maybe it won't be anymore. Come one atmosphere, what were you thinkin'? 33 and raining? A winter weather advisory and flood watch at the same time? I expect better from you next time, or else I will retaliate by not paying any attention to the next storm. Ok, I won't do that, storms are in my blood, but still, I will refuse to be as excited for the next storm. That storm was not right.

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