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Beautiful weekend upcoming...congratulations to contest

Jason Samenow @ 11:52 PM

The weekend looks absolutely fantastic. Get out and enjoy it. I'll be hitting the links Saturday.

Fred won last week's forecast contest as he correctly forecasted no snow between Tuesday and Thursday of this week. I quote his forecast: "0, zero, nothing, nada. It never snows in DC when people predict massive snowstorms." One day he'll get burned relying on such a generalization. There are certainly cases when snowstorms have been accurately forecasted well in advance. But generally speaking, playing the skeptic's card more than three days prior to a storm depicted on a computer is smart. As I said, most virtual snowstorms do not materialize...

Time for another contest... During February, DC received no snow. How much snow will fall at Reagan National Airport (DCA) in March? [The average March snowfall at DCA is 1.6"] Enter your prediction in the comments section. As a tiebreaker, please also forecast what the minimum temperature will be at DCA for the entire month. Record your forecast by midnight February 29/March 1 (Sunday night). There is a small prize this time... Your choice of a copy of Bob Ryan's almanac or a 2004 Canadian Weather Calendar... The stakes are high!

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