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Jason Samenow @ 12:52 AM

I promised a post mortem assessment of the Tuesday storm so I will not shy away from it. Not our best forecast but we should not beat ourselves up too much because other forecasters did not fare much better. If graded on a curve, the team would have received a C. Not the performance I envisioned for the launch of the new, but it gives us something to build on...

The problem was we got a bit brainwashed by National Weather Service (this is not a cheap shot at NWS. They do great work and I understand why they forecasted the way they did). For three or four straight days they said the models were under-doing the cold air and there would be more frozen precipitation than the models were advertising. While we like to pride ourselves as independent forecasters, I concede we were influenced. As a result, we did not recognize the cold air would erode so quickly even though a simple assessment of the highs and lows might have given us the answer.

Moral of the story: keep your eyes on your own paper.

You can track and see if we do better with the storm on the way tonight. Forecast commentary is now available in the Storm Center.

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