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Enough with the ice - who's slippin' and slidin'?

Jeffrey @ 11:33 PM

Hey, folks - the whole point of this blog thing is to hear from you. The forecasters get their spot in the storm center to yak on and on about what horrific new surprise the weather has in store for us.

This blog is all about YOU. What happened to you during the storm? Anyone have a good ice story? Anyone have a good story about an earlier ice storm?

For that matter, who are you? Are you like me, with a wife, two kids, and a house, and just want to know how much white stuff will be between you and the Metro? Or are you like Jason, and try to do a better job than the pros? Or are you just a blog junkie?

The funniest thing I heard today was a kid at my daughter's bus stop. He suggested that his mom get him some ice skates so he could more easily get to the bus Monday morning.

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