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Slick, very slick

Jason Samenow @ 7:21 AM

I just went outside to assess the conditions and nearly fell on a number of occasions. A lot of ice fell overnight and any untreated surface is covered in a thick layer. Check out local delays/closings here.

I find it very interesting the government opened on time today and is not even allowing unscheduled leave. It does not make a difference to me, because I have the day off anyway. But I think it's an ill-advised decision. Walking conditions are truly hazardous, and actually represent a real danger for elderly and/or disabled employees. And I imagine many side streets are practically impassable--especially in the suburbs. It is pretty bad here in the city. It is amazing there was a delayed opening Tuesday when conditions were not even close to this bad.

The good news is that temperatures will rise above freezing most places in the next 3-4 hours. It is 32 in NW DC right now. Have a great day and be careful.

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