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Snow colored glasses?

Jason Samenow @ 10:57 PM

You've gotta love weather junkies. Most of us love snow, and when looking at the weather maps, we will find every reason in the book to try and make it snow -->even when mother nature clearly is saying no! It's a condition known as the "wishcasting syndrome" which forecasters must confront!

A lot of folks really seem to want it to snow on Thursday. Unless something drastic occurs, it's not going to happen. OK, we may see a period of light, non-accumulating, snow...but the ingredients just aren't there for much more. Not enough curvature in the flow, the high pressure is too far south, and I could go on -- but so not to bore the legions, and I mean legions of non-weather nerd readers, I will not.

To me, Thursday looks like a cloudy, coolish day with a flurry or two possible (not probable). Then it should be balmy Friday and Saturday before the next cold snap arrives. Beyond that, I wish for snow -- but that doesn't mean I'm forecasting it... yet.

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