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To Spring or not to Spring

Jamie Jones @ 5:31 PM

Ok. So this has been nagging at my brain for a few days now while I helpless pour over pages and pages of information for my midterms. Am I lying to myself? Am I a cheat? A fake? As pharrell would ask, "Am I just frontin'?"

Winter is different from every other season. Summer, Fall and Spring all have sun, rain, flowers and grass. Only Winter brings snow, brings bare trees, brings a reprise from the year. I guess I am jaded by Virginia's interesting climate. I fully expect todays 80 degree day to be balanced by a blizzard and temps in the low teens tommorrow. But something about this spring is different. Maybe it is the bust after bust this winter turned out to be. Maybe it is the birds chirping outside of my window. Maybe it is all the outfits I haven't seen in over 4 monthes, but gee-golly, I am ready for spring.

I want the 80 degree temps. I want the sun. I want the frisbees. I want the sun out till 8 pm. I want the sundresses out till even later. Don't tell my friend the snow, but I am ready to move on. I don't wanna deal with its baggage until December. I want flip-flops, and lots of em. My snowboard can be traded in for a surf board. My winter jacket can be traded in for... no jacket. I want to sit outside on a warm night with a cold beverage not worrying whether I will get a cold tommorrow, but worrying whether or not I want to go to the beach.

Is it bad that I am changing? Is it like Keri Russell in the 2nd season of Felicity, when she cut off all her hair and subsequently cut off the entire viewership? Should I feel dirty, should I find a 12 step program? Is anyone else this way? Am i alone in my two-timing relationship with winter?

Winter, you can go away. I have no more use for you anymore. I want sun, not snow.

Wait a second, does the Weather Channel now call for snow on tuesday?! Screw this spring stuff, bring on the snow!! A blizzard! Bring it on.

Oh, and GOOO HOOS!! Beat the TERPS! -james

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