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Weekend looking iffy... + Weather Channel programming

Jason Samenow @ 11:20 PM

The stubborn cutoff low I've been talking about all week ain't moving much, so I'm getting a little nervous about Saturday's outlook. I still think the sun will poke out Sunday, but we could still be in the soup on Saturday.

Rambling off topic a bit, don't know about you but I was a big fan of ESPN's Dream Job. I think it's high time for The Weather Channel to get into reality TV. Storm Stories is a quasi-foray into this kind of programming, but it's more documentary drama then reality TV. I'd like to see some programming where there's some character development. Maybe focus it around storm chasers. Or they could do a weathercaster competition a la Dream Job. What do you think... TWC and reality TV: could it work? Got an idea?

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