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Hackers hit home

Andrew Freedman @ 1:52 PM

It is with great sadness that I inform you that shadowy computer hackers have temporarily knocked out one of the best sites for satellite imagery. This sucks, as I can't distract myself from my actual work by watching majestic water vapor loops, and instead have to settle for lesser sites which may or may not have access. The outage may not last long, but it is serious, since many research applications and possibly forecasting operations were compromised at UCAR and other supercomputing institutions. In my opinion, hackers can take out banking institutions, knock out the electrical grid or disrupt air traffic control, as long as they don't affect weather information ;)

Here's a post from supercomputing online:

"Unknown Malicious hackers have compromised a number of Linux and Solaris based networks at supercomputing facilities. One cluster was the TeraGrid computing cluster maintained by Stanford University. At least 30 systems were compromised completely and required quarantine. Also compromised was the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), where atmospheric simulations are carried out in attempts to model the Earth's climate. NCAR's computing director, Al Kellie, indicated the problem "is apparently occuring at many institutions around the country."

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