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This week...beginning with today

Jason Samenow @ 11:38 PM

When you head out this morning, bring your umbrella. Some heavy storms are possible in the afternoon. Expect a lot of rain with these storms. The greatest chance for severe weather will be to the south and east between Fredericksburg and the Hampton Roads. Temperatures will most likely be in the 60s to near 70 in the DC area. If any sun breaks out in the morning, mid 70s are possible and this would destabilize the atmosphere enough to increase our chance of severe weather.

Tuesday will be cooler with a brisk wind. It will feel more like March with temperatures struggling into the low 60s.

Wednesday, it warms up to near 70 and the work week closes off with temperatures well into the 70s (if not surpassing 80) Thursday and Friday.

If any severe weather threatens later today, I will try and update. Of course, post a comment if you observe any noteworthy weather in your neck of the woods...

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