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The week ahead...

Jason Samenow @ 9:23 PM

I don't know what it is about Sunday nights-- but two of the last three have been frigid. Go figure that first Sunday night of spring (March 21) and the first Sunday night of April bring freezing temperatures and bitter windchills.

The nice thing about spring cold spells is that they are typically short lived. Let's look at the cold spell from two weeks ago: the high was 41 on 3/22, 51 on 3/23, 63 on 3/24, 70 on 3/25 and 76 on 3/26. A 35 degree ascent from Monday to Friday...gotta like that. Will history repeat itself?

No. It's going to warm-up some...but 70 will be tough this week.

Tomorrow looks breezy and cool, with highs between 45-50.
Tuesday, the warm up begins, with highs between 55-60.
Wednesday-Friday should be mostly dry -- with temps in the 60s.

Beyond next Friday, good chance temperatures will be below average at least through April 13 with some storminess possible.

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