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Weekend outlook and more...

Jason Samenow @ 11:02 PM

Bottom line: plan your outdoor activities for Saturday. It will be pretty nice--partly cloudy with a high of around 65. Easter Sunday will likely be rainy with temperatures in the 50s -- weather better suited for income tax preparation than Easter egg hunting.

A reminder about the forecast on the top of this page-- it is not's forecast. It is a forecast from a third party site ( that formats and makes available National Weather Service forecast data. I don't always agree with it and will try to point out when I think it's off... Having said that, I think its high temperature for Sunday is too high and that the chance of rain is greater than 40%.

Finally, last week Colorado State's Bill Gray came out with his fall hurricane forecast. He's predicting 14 named storms (compared to an average of 10) in the Atlantic basin and a 52% chance of a landfall along the East Coast (compared to a 31% change on average). Time for CapitalWeather visitors to chime in: Is Gray right? Will it be an active hurricane season? Will a tropical system significantly affect DC? Discuss.

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