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Are you ready for "The Day After Tomorrow"?

Jason Samenow @ 11:56 PM

No...I'm not talking about Saturday's weather (I'll provide my weekend outlook tonight or tomorrow morning), I'm talking about the mega-budget climate change disaster flick (from the director of Independence Day) coming out May 28. Where will you be?

I normally steer clear of discussing all things "climate change" on this site to avoid any conflict of interest with my day job. But, in the spirit of NASA, I hereby lift my self-imposed embargo. Actually, I'm not going to express any opinions about the movie. I'll leave that to our esteemed CapitalWeather contributor Andrew (Andrew--that's a cue for you to Blog about it soon), who served as a consultant on the script.

Meanwhile, enjoy this brand new trailer, this article and this edgy editorial. And on/after May 28, enjoy the movie. Less than plausible science and debatable social significance aside, it should be entertaining for weather buffs and fans of disaster movies, action and special effects.

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